Sunday, October 24, 2010

Morning Of The Earth

Morning of the Earth ( 1972 ) made by Alby Falzon was intended as an e nvironmental statement presenting or suggesting an idealistic world in which surfers lived in harmony with the powers of nature. This was presented without narration or sub titles, and without any attempt to identify the surfing or the surfer’s locations, using music and imagery to provide an emotional context, and the lyrics of songs to reinforce its simple message. Source : Surfmovies | Albie Thoms

In doing so Alby Falzon captured the imagination of a surfing generation, and created a piece, that still speaks in many different volumes to surfers today. Environmentalism, Freedom, Conscience, Peace. Alby lets you decide. KF

Runa Islam

Runa Islam makes film and video installations to explore notions of truth and fiction, subjectivity and authorship. Her work aims to blur the distinctions between film art and cinema, and encourages a range of interpretations from viewers, Runa’s unsurpassed simplistic focus on her subjects, without narration or titles, lets the viewer see what they want to see.

Trust Directed by Runa Islam, a piece commissioned by the United Nations Office for Human Rights